Custom Weld and Finish

Vickers Metal Works has an outstanding reputation for producing “seamless appearing” welded products. Stainless steel, aluminum, copper and steel are typical metals we regularly weld into intricate shapes for our customers. We can also finish and blend our welds so they appear nonexistent. From blending grained finishes to custom swirl or to a high polish, we can provide the look you want. We can also cut, form and weld metal extrusions and structural products into frames/supports.

Interior metal products such as kitchen hoods, light troughs, planter liners, copper and stainless steel countertops and sinks are just a few of the items Vickers offers its customers.

PHOTO GALLERY – Custom Weld and Finish

FEATURE PROJECT – New World of Coke, Atlanta

Project Name: New World of Coca Cola / Taste Totems
Project Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Fabrication Start: 12/2006
Fabrication Completed: 3/2007
Exhibit Fabricator: DPN, a joint venture of The Nassal Company and Design and Production Inc.
Sheet Metal Contractor: Vickers Metal Works, Inc., Orlando, FL

Description of Work:
Coca Cola wanted to dispense 24 different flavors of their products along with 16 LCD video monitors, all enclosed in (5) serviceable and stylish Stainless Steel Kiosks. For this project Vickers used Solidworks 3D design software to interpret and redesign the original AutoCAD 3D drawings, prior to fabrication. Solidworks allowed for solid modeling as required ensuring all the parts would fit together and operate as intended. Flat patterns were then downloaded from Solidworks into Metal Soft or PCM for fabrication. The Steel Tube internal frames needed to support 2000 lbs of dispensing machines along with hidden fluorescent and LED lights located behind custom stainless steel perforated panels. The stainless steel panels were either burned on our high definition plasma table or punched out using our Nisshinbo Punch Press.
Working closely with Nassal Company for the video monitors, lighting and installation, Vickers was able to supply these unique kiosks using 16ga Brushed Stainless Steel panels in approximately 3 months as required for installation by Nassal in the Cokes around the World display.

Approximately, 2,500 man hours were required for fabrication.

DPN, a joint venture of The Nassal Company and Design and Production Inc.